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Today's Garden Center magazine We got some advance copies, but we were all still pretty pretty excited when this month's Today's Garden Center magazine came in the mail. This is a national magazine that goes to garden centers, nurseries, and greenhouses throughout North America.

They put a nice article multi-page inside with a few more pictures including the nice staff photo below.

A few excerpts include a sidebar:

Ed Says:
“In the industry, there’s the pro-guarantee group and the anti-guarantee group. The anti-guarantee group makes it sound like customers want their plants to fail so they can get a new one. That’s just not true. They aren’t doing it wrong on purpose. The value of one sale is dwarfed by the value of that customer over time.”

We feel so strongly about offering a great guarantee that we hope others in the industry will take it to heart.

a little more:

"Getting Them Excited
While you may be able to count the number of events at Bemis Farms Nursery on one hand, the same would be impossible to do when it comes to the Bemis’ lineup of seminars. At 200 classes strong, it’s no secret Tina loves to teach and interact with her customers, but she’s not the only one. From high-school aged staffers to husband Ed, most of the Bemis Farms team has at least one hand in the garden center’s educational offerings.
Tina says her entire staff is well-versed in creating container gardens using the four elements: spillers, thrillers, fillers and chillers (a cool foliage plant). Registration for seminars is available in-store, but also online on the Bemis Farms website (BemisFarmsNursery.com....  

Ed says the classes Tina puts together exposes customers to something new and different in a controlled comfortable environment. “It might be a little out of their comfort zone, but then they do it with 20 other ladies and it becomes a fun activity that they bring home and become the talk of the neighborhood,” he says. “And then somebody says, you didn’t really do that yourself did you? And then they’re proud of it. And then they might push the envelope a little further. It gives us the perfect opportunity to connect with them on an emotional and horticultural level."

GMPro magazine cover A few years ago we were on the cover of a different greenhouse magazine, GMPro. I guess what I learned the most is how much grayer my beard has become in 5 years! It has been kind of fun to have this happen. It has been a real ego boost. But what is important is not how big our heads are, but rather how big and healthy our plants are. Unless we are succeeding at making our customers successful gardeners, we will not be a successful business!

 Ed Bemis


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