Successful Gardening...Guaranteed!

Our goal is a successful, satisfied customer! In 60 years of experience, we have found that most plant-related problems show up within the first two to four weeks after planting. However, we want to ensure that you are a successful, satisfied gardener, so we guarantee our plants to perform the way they are supposed to perform. For example, a tree should grow and provide flowers or shade, a perennial should provide beauty for at least several years, an annual should grow and flower throughout the growing season.

If one of our plants does not meet this expectation, we will give the retail customer full credit in the amount of the purchase price.

We were cited by a national magazine for having one of the most generous plant guarantees in the country.


We want our plants to perform well for you. If a plant is not doing well at any time, please notify us and we will be pleased to give you free advice on what can be done to improve its condition.

Please do not dig up and return the plant unless we instruct you to. Very often plants that appear dead simply have not yet come out of dormancy. Newly planted plants often take longer to leaf out than established plants in the same situation. Traditional tests such as brittle twigs are very frequently not accurate. We are very familiar with the way certain plants might react in certain situations and can assist you in determining the best action to take. Call us and we will be pleased to help. In today's world getting friendly help on the phone is not a common occurrence. We try our best to be the exception. Remember we want You to be Successful! We will be happy to give advise on any plants purchased from us so that they thrive for you. Please do not be afraid to call or email for advise on our plants. If instructed to return the plant, please bring the sales slip as proof of purchase.

We thank you for shopping at Bemis Farms Nursery and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 August 2010 11:13